I Found My Happy Place


The past few years have been trying on us all. I have had some personal ups and downs, and found myself wondering who post-divorce me was going to be. Curious about what she was going to write in the next chapter.  

I took some long, hard looks under rocks and around dark corners. I have realized that we are at our strongest when we embrace all aspects of ourselves. The best and most aligned decisions and actions come from that center and being “real”, even though it may not be pretty.  This powerful inner work has resulted in an exciting,  new outer life, and to that end I’m taking my next step and  launching CenteredSexuality LLC!🎉

What’s Next

It’s Wendy 3.0 of sorts, and a long time in the making. I’m shifting the scope of my practice into a more personal realm.  Though honestly, I really don’t think it’s that big of a change from my past leadership development and strategic planning work; I’m still focused on raising self awareness and aligning resources with goals- but now I’m doing it through a different lens. Yes, this may be a challenging lens, but without challenge, there is no growth, and without growth, we cannot prosper. 

I’ve been immersed in training to become a Holistic Sex Educator and Somatica® Intimacy Coaching Practicioner.  I’ve used this knowledge, coupled with my other  experiences, degrees, training and certs, to create the “CenteredSexuality©”  approach.  I am thrilled to bring this into the world! I’ll be sharing many tools and resources to create programs, workshops & retreats that support my clients in their own journey of education, exploration and empowerment in all areas of their life!    

Please check back for resources, musings & announcements that support YOUR Happy Place!!

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Hi, I'm Wendy

My mission is to empower and support folx to be intentional and authentic in their sexuality, and cultivate fulfilling and transformational exploration and experiences in their erotic lives.

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