Uncovering You:

As a client in this this signature coaching program, you'll  transform through focused, personal attention and guidance using my unique Centered Sexuality™ approach. You'll gain confidence and clarity as you reconnect with your core self in this 12 week program.

Includes coaching sessions, direct access,  check-ins & support via messaging. 

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Your "Personal Playground" Intensive:

Looking for support but not the commitment? This customized coaching opportunity is available to those seeking a one time session, short-term program or personal retreat. 

Investment varies, please contact me to create your personal experience.

Centered Sexuality© "The Basics":

Workshops for teens and young adults that explore embodiment, consent and boundaries through a body-positive, affirming somatic experience.  These critical skills are offered at no charge to community groups & youth serving organizations like scouts, youth groups, and college students.

Please contact me for more information.


A La Carte

Pop Ups!

Classes, webinars and events to support you from your core.  Join the mailing list to be the first to know about these opportunities.

Custom Workshops & Events

Education or activities  for groups,  youth,  parents, girls nights, etc.  Please contact me for more information.

"Where Imagination Meets Reality"

"Imagine someone who has an innate ability to intimately connect with and through her empathy, knowledge, intuition and intellect which enables you to open yourself to a deeper inner connectivity and sense of self.  Imbue her with the quality of knowing when to listen and when to talk, when to embrace and when to allow space.  Where imagination meets reality there is Wendy Leigh.

She was an excellent resource when, not long ago, I accidentally discovered something that made me suspect my son is gay, prior to him coming out to me.  My interest was and is to have the relationship with him be one that he’ll feel comfortable in talking to me about it, if and when he chooses to do so.  Wendy provided insight, perspectives and ideas that were just what I needed to hear, understand and include in my relationship with my son.

Sometimes life presents you with a path towards an increasingly enlightened, refreshed and fulfilled version of yourself, sometimes opportunity knocks.  My suggestion is that you open the door, you’ll be glad you did.  What’s on the other side is awesome.”- Patrick

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